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Are you spending so much time on paperwork, that you dont have as much time as you would like growing your Business? 

R.I. Spivack, Consulting, Inc. can help!

Can Your Firm Grown if We Handle Some or All of the Following: 

All Financial administrative functions such as managing all general ledger functions including but not limited to

  • All banking functions including deposits
  • All Vendor functions including issuing checks and paying bills
  • all payroll functions including working outside payroll companies (we do not process payroll)
  • Ensure proper funding of retirement plans
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • office filing
  • Negotiate or assist in restructuring loan agreements
  • find new or additional banking relationships
  • working with pa firms at year end
  • Assist in establishing relationship with CPA Firms
  • For medical Practices-assist with reviewing and finding medical billing solutions
  • Assist with setting up and managing and budgeting process
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Work within our firm's network to set up and implement benefit programs (health insurance, retirement plans)
  • setup and maintain general ledger
  • Complete setup, startup and structure of entity & firm
  • Assist management in evaluating total or specific aspects of business or various segments
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